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yeah i agree!

I miss their older style (alt rock). Theyve only really used in in mouth of the river and (kinda?) beliver in evolve


only Mouth of the River has the original ID essence. Believer is just…




I actually didn’t know about that genre. gotta search it up lol


@itsmecigia @kenlauescuadro

my friend got some lyrics for “Precedence”
just an idea he suggested. and yes, there are more people who listen to your music than you think!


I did it but whatever (^з^)-☆ xD


I messed with loops in GarageBand and actually like it? A lot? Please critique I’ve never made music before


i dont know ANYTHING about composing but it soudns. good


dudey, wow, thats actually really good! i have lil to 0 musical integrity but even i can tell that thats a bop


HHh thank you Scooter and thank you @OnceUponATime


@Dude73 I love it!

It’s so coool


gonna listen to it when I get stable wifi


Considering that you used loops, that isn’t bad tbh. It had some sort of “Grand” vibe.


it sounds good, especially for you never made anything before.


“Creations made from Nothing” track art

“Falling” track art

Both are coming out this Monday, 14th May. Very excited!

i changed “Thank You”'s art




I fixed it! Thanks! :)


I’d love to join that Discord server! As far as I know, that’s a direct message, but can you send a link to a mutual server to [removed]? It’s okay if you don’t for some reason, though! (Maybe privacy?)

I don’t have a microphone to record vocals (which is pretty self-explanatory) though. I’d consider their suggestions for if I make a “with-vocals” version!


Falling and Creations made from Nothing has been officially released, im especially proud on how CmfN came out to set the tone


My concert order:
Stairway to Heaven
Pirates of the Caribbean
(Song removed due to clue)
Viva la Vida
(Song removed due to clue)