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made me some stuff for Voices


hey Ken, how you doing?

I just checked on you YouTube channel and was wondering whether you would continue posting there?


@anonymous how’s Clinton shuffle reincarnation going?


Hey! I would continue posting Cobalt gameplays there, don’t worry! I’m just… not in the mood recording some… and I think I won’t be for like a month, because I’m so tired of all the work I had to go through in school.

I would post music though in my new YouTube channels for CIGIA and chora though!


New CIGIA track! Had lots of fun making this one


I just finished making mine


The title really fits the song, as it feels like the elements of the song were from different times (guitar, flute, drums). No offense, but for me, the drums don’t fit the song. Other than that, all the elements sound good! Great work!


I honestly think I’ve gone really far from Beginnings EP LP, but I still think I’m nowhere your standard of goosebumps

fun fact, Polyglot was my first track that I got chills listening to it


I will start an ARG soon for the 4th collection soon. That’s something, I guess?

At what alias should I post the next track on?

  • chora (chill/sad)
  • CIGIA (upbeat/happy)

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@Anonymous can you change the topic category to Design, Colors, and Sound? As far as I know, this is in the Deprecated (Help WIth Code) category. Thanks!

(It’s so my alternate account can chat here)


Got it! Thanks @Jordan!



dammit bot


oOh my favorite bands are

Imagine Dragons
Of Monsters And Men
Twenty One Pilots

Also im a very loyal fan of imagine dragons not to brag or anything ive listened to all of their songs i know all their names and two are mormons


@comicvillestudios I’m not a bot :)
@Elemental_Cat I love Imagine Dragons too!

I’ll just chat in this forum with this account, wanna announce that


What you guys favourite music genre?

I think mine is like electro house or something similar.




this is bass iirc


hello fellow dragon!

I’m just gonna say this right now, Evolve is good, but nowhere as good as the one before it, Smoke + Mirrors and Night visions