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@yaygirls @MareJCS How I do music? When I rarely do it, I do it in school and we only get what accords we should use. Using GarageBand, I just do it by ear.


What daw do you use for your music?





FL Studio 12.







What’s ur deal with trash music??




Ah cool. I want it, but it’s expensive. I’m sticking to the free trail of ableton xD


Well, good for you!

Also, I plan on trying out Ableton too


They have 1 month free trail. And I think you can just make a new account after that.


I guess I’m posting this here since it’s a music topic but I am becoming addicted to music from the Eurovision Contest

If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically an annual European contest in which the participants elect someone to write an original song, and then perform it live. Then the countries vote for the winner. Every year, it’s hosted in the previous year’s winner (for example, Portugal won in 2017, which means it will be hosted in Portugal in 2018)

I am LOVING the winning song from 2013 (Denmark’s entry), along with 4 songs from 2017 (Sweden’s, Italy’s, Moldova’s, and Belarus’)!

I should play some of these songs on my flute, now that I think about it…


I’m watching it too. i don’t know what more to say


I just noticed I had 14 downloads in my Bandcamp page…

Thank you guys for downloading Precedence, I appreciate it so much!

I have a WIP track coming in chora as an installment for an upcoming EP, and I have a preview here. It’s just cut out due to some problem… It will be gone in the final version, though…

Also, side note: All of my tracks in chora and CIGIA are now licensed as CC BY 3.0. It allows use, even commercially, of my tracks with proper attribution to the source track.



We’re learning the Pirates of the Carribian theme for our next concert!


  • A new track will be out before the end of April
  • 4 EPs are planned to be released this year (3 chora, 1 CIGIA)
  • The information of 3 of the 4 EPs are contained in this post

Following the Wind EP (for chora)

Overall EP Cover:


  1. Message
  2. Waiting
  3. Following the Wind
  4. Leaves
  5. Reminiscence
  6. As Time Passes By
  7. Suppression (Bonus Track)

Forest Flora EP (for CIGIA)

Overall EP Cover:


  1. Precedence
  2. Forest Flora
  3. Radiance

Forwards EP (Take Two) (for chora)

Overall EP Cover:
None available yet


  1. Leap (Take Two)
  2. Forwards (Take Two)




im still here, might only be in this forum to post my music

some thing i want you to note, i changed my name from CV Studios | Music to KrisSounds, and now officially Kris

second, im starting on a new 6-tracks EP, titled “Voices”

third, im possibly going to remix Madeon’s Only Way Out, which by the way, the inspiration for Falling (Voices EP) may come from this particular soundtrack

might also plan to rework on the entire Beginnings EP (not LP lol)

Clarity (single)

Voices EP


  1. Voices
  2. Paranoia
  3. Whispers
  4. Polyglot
    (completed, needs cover art as of 28/4)
  5. Falling
  6. Thank You

im not dead :slight_smile:


Sounds good tbh.
I’m actually making music myself, but I don’t like it. If I make something I like a bit at least, I will post it here.