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Here seriously I wouldn’t lie about stuff like this,


So my uncle said he might have a deal with this bar closer to the center of Buckna for us to play there


So still think I’m lying @dogwithapen


my opinion has gone down a bit, but there is a small amount of doubt


Siriusly why would I copy a song if I am going to be preforming?


True, I guess I don’t think you’re lying


Yeah I posted the full version on sapphiras gt


I was just wondering how many people here play the flute.

  • I play the flute.
  • No way!
  • Potato

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Slide guitar? Cool. Do you use any software to make music or do you perform “IRL”?


We preform irl


Oh hi!




Cool. I randomly play some instruments on Garage Band sometimes. We play piano on the school music lessons but I don’t make so much more music other than that.

@BB-Box Hello!


I play a few different instruments, but I need notes for almost all of them. Slide guitar and guitar is probably the only instrument I can play without notes


I can’t read notes actually.


Oh, do you not understand them or…


Do you do music by ear?


So… hello!
I’m back… after millions of seconds… Yay!
I will be separating the themes of the information that I will type here with the details tags.

Details about me, currently

I’m back (yay), and I will be posting on the HS Forum again, actively.

Updates since my "goodbye" post

No one likes me anymore.

No one still likes me (in real life, at least), I know that. Even though I’m still depressed of that (and lots of other things), I’m not that depressed now. Still though (not happy to say that)…

I have depression

Still have. Don’t worry; I’m back, though!

I might stop creating music

I’m kinda happy that I didn’t stop creating music. Still tired of making sure the tracks are unique, and that I like it.

New music alias!

Other than d412k (which is now named chøra [and can be addressed as chora]), I have created another alias, which is CIGIA.

The difference between chøra and CIGIA is that chøra will have the normal electronic music that has been present in the past released in it, while CIGIA will have happy, upbeat music released in it.

About CIGIA, I made a Hopscotch account for it, and I interacted with the forum with it. It is @itsmecigia (for now, it can’t talk here, as it doesn’t have “access to this category”); and I have a Bandcamp account that I just made this morning, which is

EDIT: The problem why @itsmecigia doesn’t have access to this category is because that account can’t see the Random Stuff category. If a moderator sees this, can you please allow that account to see Random Stuff posts? Thanks!

Finally, new music! (can’t put this in details without the links not being embedded

I don’t know if I have said this previously in this topic, but I released an EP called Forwards in chøra.

These are more stuff released in chøra:

This is the only track released in CIGIA, as the time of posting this.