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Yes they were short.

How to get around the school’s “no weapon policy”:

Carry an endpin around with you. When they say “you can’t have that” just say its part of your instrument.


I’m a flute player, along with my friend
My two other friends play the alto saxophone and the violin

Also my crush plays the tuba lol


c l a r a n a t


Hey guys I have a band and does anyone have song ideas?


I have some lyrics somewhere…


Okay that sounds great, so far I have a teensy bit for the song so far and if you want you can edit it but this is what I have so far

drum bass and guitar i intro
Zane and Gus: Space is an endless abyss, constantly moving, constantly changing. We’ve discovered the hills, discovered the sea. It’s a no man land no hope land just plain old land and if mankind’s growing then… it’s our last frontier.
louder with force It’s the final frontier
(Chorus:Hey Hey Hey)
It’s the final frontier;Hey Hey Hey
If we are going to grow;Hey
Than what we all know;Hey
Is that in now hope all hope we grow, take it from us your next generation if you want much, we gotta go out there,
(Chorus: Hey Hey Hey [slider guitar player claps while saying this])
It’s the final frontier;Hey Hey Hey
Oh are last place to go;Hey Ho Hey
And if we wanna go farther further we need to go out there; Hey Hey Ho Ho Hey Hey Hey
(Slider guitar solo)
We’ve taken the world it’s gone;Hey
And we just wanna say;Ho
It’s our final frontier;Hey Hey ho

Okay that’s really all I got I can’t think of much else right now


U dont get the lyrics to FLY.


What do you mean?


It’s my fave. Glitterholic and I wrote it together, and it sounds amazing.


So what’s your opinion on my song tho?




Anything I should change?


Sounds cool. What are your “role” in your band?


I’m slide guitar I also share the song writer role with my friend Freddy


What if 2 people would make a song together here xD
A collab basically.


and classical music


That’s what FLY was… we argued over a couple lines.


Do you have an opinion on the song I’m writing ?


It’s really good! Nice chorus and lyrics! No criticism!
but how do I trust that you actually wrote it? With most art that you post… you lie that you drew it


Copy and paste it on to google if you don’t believe me