Making Music/Sharing Music Topic



Discuss MUSIC in this topic. Whether you made some soundcloud music that you want to share or you want to just generally discuss music, your favorite artists, albums, singles, etc.

So yeah.

A topic for people who play instruments or want to learn how to do it!


airplane dude forgot your name


Oh cool
I like Drake
That's the guy who raps right?




then what does he do


sings with autotune


It's @comicvillestudios. Thanks for creating this topic :slight_smile:


no that's Jacob Sartious


I like Coldplay.
Just Coldplay
I was thinking of coding a song they made


Coldplay makes awesome music! ^^


I totally agree
What is ur fav song.


New EP soon
Not in my main profile

goodbye, A


By Coldplay? It's definitely Viva la Vida. ^^


I know Fix You by heart!
I don't know what my favorite is.
I like Magic, Paradise, Hymn for a weekend, Viva La Vida, and a bunch more


Ooh yay fun topic! I love using Auxy for making music, I just tried it recently! :smiley: it is as intuitive and accessible for making music as Hopscotch is for coding, or Paper 53 is for drawing and jotting ideas. They have weekly ideas/challenges for projects too. I've never really made anything before it!


Anyone here used Logic Pro (a recording/mixing software) before?


I think I saw Rodrigo mentioning using it :upside_down: let me find...


Haha I used auxy a while back when it was featured on the App Store (like 2013) and it was fun to use. It's like the editing tool in garageband except simpler.


Ooh I must have saw it on the App Store when it got an Apple design award at some point, but didn't download it. And I was thinking the same – or that it was so much easier than GarageBand hehe.

Speaking of music apps, there's another one called Musyc that I played around with for a bit, a long while ago

Musyc by Fingerlab

But it was more of placing shapes and seeing what cool sounds result, rather than deliberately shaping out sounds


I just got into the news that GarageBand will be free, along with iMovie, and some Apple apps. Is this true?