Making minecraft


hi everyone. im new to the forum, so my first question is... how can i make a basic minecraft themed game? i have tried but cant get the right code. What is the best way to make different blocks? pixel art, drawn, etc? what elseshould i add?. Thanks to anyone who answers.


Your starting point and history on the forum!

Try searching up minecrafts
Like @Gilbert189's, @Hiimnew's, CryingLaughs, or you could even use @magmapop 's block generator.


Thanks, @Follow4LikesOfficial! @bluedogmc-official, here's a link to my Minecraft:


Clones! Much more efficient than individual blocks (which is what I used in mine)


ok. will do. Thanks so much. i love your account on hopscotch btw.:grin::joy:


Thanks Everyone!! Your mc games are really cool @Gilbert189 @AHappyCoder


Thanks! Can't wait to see the minecraft




Can't wait to see it!


thanks. im working on it. you have NO IDEA how much i LOVE all of your account and projects.:laughing:


Thanks!! I know that you'll do well.


@bluedogmc-official I found yo oldest topic. XD


Omg lol :joy: May I ask why you took the time to find it? Lol I had no idea how the forum worked then.