Making it easier to create bug reports

If you have information on bugs, this is much appreciated. We’ve made some small changes, to make it easier for the Hopscotch Team to fix any bugs you’re experiencing.

Bug report template and categories have been simplified

  • The bug report template is briefer. Let me know if it is still too long, and I can try to simplify it again
  • We have removed the iOS-community-bugs subcategory. Use the main #hopscotch-bugs category instead for miscellaneous bugs. If the number of categories and subcategories is still too much, let me know and we can try to simplify it further too.

Please make bug report topics

  • I encourage you to make bug report topics. This will also make it easier for you to know when the bug is fixed. It’s ok if it doesn’t have all the details at first — you can always update it later.

  • It becomes difficult to remember bug report information across multiple replies in the “You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here” topics, or in announcements for updates. I may move the posts into their own topic in #hopscotch-bugs or the subcategories.

  • For beta testing, we might have a single topic for a particular release, so creating topics for individual bugs may not apply there.


Just to add to this, if there is anything that confuses you about reporting bugs[1], please feel free to ask questions on this topic or on the Best Practices for Subcategories and Tags topic. We’d be happy to help you to create a bug report and get the problem you’re facing fixed!

  1. Things to ask about include:

    • Tags
    • subcategories
    • the template
    • anything else!