Making IPad Lock Screen BackGrounds! REQUEST NOW!



Hello HS Forumers!
Another topic from me @GlowCumber!
So, I have taken an interest in making lock screens for IPads!
For example, my lock screen right now is

I made this on PicCollage, and want to make some more!
I can make any lock screen you want! Just request!
~ @GlowCumber Out!


Cool design of that lock screen! PicCollage is an app for mixing photos and texts, right?


This is cool, but unfortunately I dont use an iPad as my main driver… is it possible to make one that’ll match android needs


Can u make one with this quote???.


CAn you make one that’s like

Ayyyyy, welcome to my iPad it’s locked and you have nothing to do about it Hahhahahhgggga it’s mine now


Yes it is!






Could you make something summer-inspired for me then?




Like this?


That looks amazing! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: