Making Hopscotch Better



Hi guys, I know the topic sounds like what THT would do for their Topic but anyway but A lot a people are leaving hopscotch so we should try to come up with solutions to make people stay happy and stay for hopscotch because what if a lot of people quit Hopscotch and HSF and there is 10 people left on there! That's a Hopscotch Breakdown! anyway guys I don't want this to happen! So we need souloutions fast!


There are a lot of topics like this, and these topics can actually bring negative attention to the problem. People will leave when there ready. Instead of drawing attention to the negativity, just try to be positive!


I am quitting Hopscotch because I am too addicted and that I think there is more to do than stare at my iPad screen.
There is really nothing to do about it, it's their choice.:slight_smile: