Making Games on Hopscotch Compared to Scratch, or any coding website


This topic is about making games on hopscotch compared to on scratch or any coding website. This is not about artwork unless you draw a character and play a game with it. this topic is talking, posting and comparing games to others.

These are the rules:
Rule 1. No flame wars.
Rule 2. This is not about LGBT.
Rule 3. Be positive or else flagged.


Can I compare it to Python?

Coding on Hopscotch Compared To Real Code (Coding Methods, Styles, etc.)

I fixed a typo in the title! OCD again :stuck_out_tongue:


I already made a topic about this, please search before you post.


Nope. I made it about games. You said coding, not games.:wink::yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::slight_smile:


My personal favorite is scratch.

Reasons why I like scatch

  1. It has a more advanced interface
  2. scratch games are WAY WAY better
  3. More features
  4. Its has comments
  5. There studios
  6. You can see who follows you easy
  7. you can see who you follow easy

Reasons why I like Hopscotch

1.its easy to get into
2. the fourms are REALLY AWESOME
3. Its an app so more young viewers can get it
4. there better tutorials
5. Its eaiser to get hard worked project seen (Trust me on that, ok)

Those are just some reasons.


Still same thing...Please don't do that again it will clog the forum


My main problem with scratch is the glitches. When I try something that doesn't work, I triple check the code with people, often even the tech teacher, and a lot of the time there is no reason for something to randomly goe somewhere! Also, hopscotch has a WAY simpler interface.


But you don't have a mouse on the iPad. Even though that doesn't matter much I just like the feel of it.


Funny you mention that, because Hopscotch always glitches for me and scratch is WAY simpliler for me :confused:


To be honest, I like coding on Scratch a tad bit better.


Scratch feels nice and a little more complex with actual games, hopscotch on the other hand is people talking about LGBT and drawing artwork.


FINALLY someone agrees with me.


That is so true! XD I agree!


oh me god nostalgia

I did that after school in a class!
and revive


I've never coded on anything but Hopscotch. XD