Making Forum Logos (User Card / Profile Pic, or Other Stuff.)


Alright, let's try this again.

I'm making profile pics and user cards, blah blah blah, just tell me what you want.

Profile Pic, User Card, or other dimensions?
Backdrop (If Any):
Text (Ideally username initials) :
Color Theme :
Font (I can use any font that I think looks good if you don't have a preference. This is usually better.) :
Anything else? :
Main Pic (You can ask for a random, custom made design if you want to) :

If you do not want to follow the form, just tell me and describe your ideal logo. I will try to make it.


First reply! Hai and great topik!! :3


I'll request one!

Backdrop Image (If Any): Light Pink!
Main text: Snoopy
Extra Text (Specify location of the text): That awesome dawg (Under Main Text)
Color Theme : Pink, Light Green, White!
Anything else? : Nope!


Thank you! I love it!




y was snoopys logo deleted


Backdrop Image (If Any): light blue!
Main text : PerfectPanda24
Extra Text (Specify location of the text) : No
Color Theme : light colors!
Anything else? : No



oops lol


Initials fit better. If I put your full username, it would be smaller text and look kind of weird. Would you still prefer your full username?


Instead of my full username, you could use PP24!

Thanks! :D




Wow! Thank you so much! It's AMAZING!!!



I used to make logos when they were more of a collage than a design. These are my own tho, I think they are much better.


There were a few traces of the background I removed to make it transparent. Here is a clear one.


Backdrop Image (If Any): bright blue
Main text (Ideally username initials) : RB
Extra Text (If any) : Da Apple of Awesomeness
Color Theme : blue
Anything else? :nope!



Idk which you would prefer since the extra text doesn't actually end up fitting the template that well, but here is both just in case.

Without Extra Text (Which I think is better)

With Extra Text


What app do you use to make your logos?


Mostly photoshop, but I mess around with Inkscape and Pixlr and am planning on making some with those other tools.

EDIT : Here are links.


Can I have one like this one but with my current account picture for the background?
Here's my current account picture: