Making forum images smaller or bigger



Did you know you can make your images appear smaller when posting on the forum? I'll show you here!

  1. Upload an image to the post

  2. Change the width and height in the image details

  3. Now your image can look like this


Finally someone pointed this out!


Great tutorial! :D

However, I already made a tutorial on this last year:

I can see how you wouldn't have found it by searching though, the titles are pretty different. :)


Oops! I didn't notice it


Kewl, I never noticed this! :0
It's very interesting that you can make images bigger/smaller! :D
Awesome observation! ;3


That's a great tip, thanks!


Awesome! I figured it out a really long ago, but didn't think of making a topic for it.


Wow that is cool!
I never knew that u could do that!