Making Custom transparent PNG profile pics!



I will be taking requests for transparent PNG drawings for profile pics. If you don't know what a transparent PNG is, it is basically a picture with a transparent background. I can also make certain parts of the image semi- transparent (translucent) if you ask. If you already have a profile pic I can also turn it into a 'Transparent PNG'.
Tappy​:wink::point_up_2:🏻мℓρ out


Can you do this?


Sure thing! It take be a while I'm sorry if it isn't fast!


Thanks. Also, it's fine, I can wait. (I know, some things take forever)



I hope this is what you are after!
That was fast...
Here's a Better quality ver.


Thanks a lot! It's perfect! I added credit for the pic in my bio.


No problems and your welcome!


What about this


Here you go! @Sweetlina