Making Art Projects in Hopscotch?



Having trouble making your own art program? I can help!
You came to the right place if you need help on whatever shown below.
- Sliders and its code
- Preset colors and good ways to make some
- HSB and RGB help
- Color previewing
- Brush sizes
- More
When posting a question, I will answer it, but others may too.

Helpful topics for new people!
How do I make a drawing pad on HS? / Shamrockat's general topic!
How do I make a drawing pad on HS? / Shamrockat's general topic!

Kewł topic :D

I'll be making an art pad soon, so I'll use this :D


Sure! Glad I will be able to help!


Kool topik!:sunglasses:




Yea starry dream ? What's up ?


Remember to stay on topic :D


I am on topic at the moment !


If it has to do with code, im fine, i suppose.


This is off topic :wink:


Can you please help me make a Backround ? Can you give me screenshots of the code as I do not have the new update yet !


How come she tagged me then ?


what kind? smooth? I dont really do backgrounds.


That was the Official Mass Tag List, where you tag people to see the topic :D


Any type of cool Backround !


Right ! Thanks but sorry this is off topic !


That's ok, BOT!!!!! :D


hmm... most backgrounds are ridiculously slow, but if so, try searching for smooth backgrounds in the app, if possible.


I cannot access the projects though as they will have the new update and I don't !


Can you take screenshots of the code for backgrounds which are cool for me ?