Making an art club!?


So as I mentioned in my Happy12345678910 general topic
That I will make an art club.... There will literally be like no challenges well actually there may be a reflect project where u draw something but u don't have to do it..I want this to be different from me pushing u to do something...I will learn something new about drawing and post it and you guys will learn it too...thanks to google!! So that way we both learn something !
Here is the signup


Do u like drawing?
Would u like to learn something new?
Will u cooperate?
Are you excited?
Post one picture of your drawing here


I will also post a drawing/art club signup on. Hopscotch on my Happyanswers account!


Oh..nobody wants to be on it..oh
Hmm the friendly mass list..



Maybe use the OMTL?

That'll get people's attention :3

I'm currently really, really busy, so I can't join. ;-;

I bet there are lots of others who would, though! :3


What's the OMLT sorry..That's ok I understand I saw a post that u were busy before so I knew this was coming!


Here's the topic! :3


Oh thanks so u already tagged those people right so I dint need to anymore right??


No, it doesn't notify the people when they're tagged in a quote :3

I'll just use the tag list for you here. c:

OMTL! :3


This is the first time I've used this list.. o-0

But it's not for me XD


Oh thanks for helping me out!!


You're welcome! :3

Any time ;D



Woah! Mark that moment!




What moment??? Lol


@Maltese used the OMTL for the very first time!


Oh yes...that must have been a big

moments in her life...

actually I have never used the OMLT either lol


Wot :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol I meant moment ...


Sign me up.