Making a secret message that changes position?


How do you write a secret message on hopscotch that is a emoji and you need it to be in random places each time and people need to find underneath a color


You can have a blank text object that moves to where you press by doing:

For the text object:
When the iPad is pressed set position to last touch x and last touch y
When the iPad is tapped set position last touch x and last touch y

For the emoji:
When the play button is tapped set invisibility to 100
When Text bumps Emoji set invisibility to 0


You could place lots of colors/emojis on the screen. Place the main emoji in centre. Have main emoji 99% invisible at start. Set emojis x position random -500 to 500 and y position -500 to 500. When emoji is tapped set invisibility to 0% and have emoji spin.


@CreativeCoder This is super helpful! It would be even more awesome if you added screenshots of your code :slightly_smiling:


Here's the code:
When the play button is tapped
Set text to (an emoji) color White
Set position to X Random 1 to 1000 Y Random 1 to 1000

And then to find the message, you can use any code you want. If you want to be creative and add a magnifying class, here's the code for it:

When iPad is pressed
Set position to X last touched x Y last touched y

To find the secret message, give your secret message this code:

When :mag: bumps (secret message/emoji)
Set text to (secret message/emoji) color Black

And you are done!


You could also do something like:

Character 1:
When play button is tapped
Sea invisibility percent 100
Leave a trail color (example1) width 3000(+)
Move forward 1

Character 2:
When play button is tapped
Set text (example) color (example1)
Set Position (example2) (example3)

Character 4:
When play button is tapped
Set invisibility percent 100
new rule
When I pad is pressed
Leave a trail color (example5)
Set position X: last touch x Y: last touch y
(move forward 300 block dragged out)

Please note: secret message must be the same color as the screen.

Hope that works!


Thanks I will try everyone's way!!!


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Uploading video problem

I forgot also make main emoji bring to front.


Hi @SnowGirl_Studios!

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Sorry, I realized emojis will still show. So instead,
When the play button is tapped
Set invisibility percent 100

When :mag: bumps (emoji)
Set invisibility percent 0

Sorry for the mix up!


It's ok but thanks for the code


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