Making a Poll-Inspired by @t1_hopscotch


Inspired by @t1_hopscotch

  • Drawing (For Fun)
  • Drawing (Requests)
  • Drawing (Both)
  • Games
  • Sin and Cos (Reg)
  • Sin and Cos (Art)
  • I Just Started, so, you know...
  • I Don't Pleh Hopscotch! (Me: Y b u Er?)
  • ALL (Me: Oooooh!)
  • Other


Help me please about this stuff
Please close and unlist topic, secret figured out!

Hi @LotsaPizza is this asking what kind of things we like to make in Hopscotch? I like to make programs and websites, and sometimes games and art so I put "Randomness" :)


Yes! Before @SmileyAlyssa Can Find It!






What's going on? What?


(Sighs) You See, @SmileyAlyssa, This Was An Old Topic, And I Found It Before You Could.


I don't know, what happening actually :D


Oh! Hehe yah I've just been searching random topics :sweat_smile: I'm just looking to help!