Making A Pixel Art!


I am making a pixel art! It's a surprise and you'll never guess it. Seriously it's hard, Most of you haven't heard of it. So I'm holding a contest. Now before you flag this it IS hopscotch related because your guessing a pixel art I am CODING in HOPSCOTCH. So your hints are... You probably haven't heard of it unless you watch Ihascupquake. It's an app game. Now guess.


Uh... I have no idea what ihascupquake is! :sweat_smile:


She's a youtuber


Oh. I don't watch YouTube without my parent's permission.


This is iHasqupquake

I never watch her


You can just look on her page


Just published it. It was a PAKKA PET!!!! Told you you'd never guess... Lol. Check it out!


SAME @SmileyAlyssa...