Making a Hopscotch account w/o buying a subscription



I know they need to make money, but I personally don’t like doing it in that way.

Well, at least they’re not tricking people into making purchases like that one scam fitness app…


scratch is run by MIT


Thanks, this tutorial was really needed.


Second way

method number 2


The skip button is just invisible but still works? oooooOOOOooooo


Visible after a few seconds


Wait that must be an older version, now it’s just the login button in the corner for me,


I get skip on the try free for a week page, not the I’m a student


god i hate apps that claim to be free but are actually subscription based. guess hopscotch is one of them now. this is a LOW. A LOW.


Dude it isn’t 90 bucks. That’s for the year I think and you don’t have to spend it. Besides why do you care if you don’t have Hs anymore? You don’t have do be angry at the devs. They have to make some money to keep the app going.


They need the money to help keep the app running and active, Plus, they need to pay their workers :wink:


i know they need to, but this isnt the way to do it imo @GameCodingCrazy123 @GweTV


There is a way to get around it. You go to school version, say you are a student and choose a login. Then, when you are on your guest profile, you sign up and create your free acc. There is an option for a $7 per month subscription, but it’s 100% optional

Or you could say you are a parent and repeat similar steps

Look at 1st post by tankt