Making a Hopscotch account w/o buying a subscription



You can without sub, it’s just kinda hidden


Does this topic still have the right directions?


Yes, look at post 1 first @Paige1212 @Murphy1 @HappyDolphin


how? the student thing above? it’s horrible that they’re this greedy now - i understand they need to make money but this is a new low. i’d rather spend $90 on something worthwhile than an APP. so glad i dont have hs anymore


Ok good that that still works.


This is the only way to get around it as far as I know


I’m confused.
Do they not make you buy a subscription?


It is the student thing, and they do need to change this. It doesn’t register as a student if you don’t get a code


It says “Free Trial” and pay if you make an account normally, but if you go the student way, then it’s free


No one is going to care that much about getting hopscotch.
A new person trying to learn how to code wouldn’t know about bypassing the $90.


oops might have accidentally said a swear there so ill say it again:

i dont personally like apps that claim to be free but charge you instead. guess hopscotch is one of them now. hopscotch: you have hit a new low. this is why people are going to use scratch instead.


Yeah, you are downloading an app that seems to be free, but then charges you money once you open it. :roll_eyes:
Not even a reasonable amount.


(The subscription is like $7/month and $90/year, or there’s a free trial)


How long does the free trial last?


A week I think.


I’m not paying $90 for an APP. I’d rather spend it on something actually worthwhile. A subscription to that kids’ game Animal Jam is cheaper, for the love of ***.


it’s true,


but what…?


but you can get around it (comma was for 10 chars)


THT does need to make money. They’re prob a smaller team than Scratch anyway.
Wait isn’t scratch run by like MIT or something