Making a Hopscotch account w/o buying a subscription



For those who don’t know how, here’s how to create a Hopscotch account, without having to buy the subscription, or make a school account, here’s how!

Making An Account

Tap “Get Started.”

Tap “Go to school version.”

Tap “I’m a student on my school iPad.”

Tap “My teacher didn’t give me a login.”

Choose to either create or play projects.

Tap the gear icon in the corner of your guest profile, and tap “Sign Up.”

Enter a username, password, and email. Then tap “Continue.” You should have an account.

works with version 3.33.8

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SOLVED-I'm sort of... disappointed
SOLVED-I'm sort of... disappointed
SOLVED-I'm sort of... disappointed
15 Project Rule Discussion

Pretty neat.


Nice topic, I noticed some people get confused about this !


This is so complicated compared to how it was… tht is tryin’a get more people to buy subscriptions.

I totally would if there was a one time deal…


Yeah. I feel like subscription projects aren’t as hard to code


I’m also pretty sure if you click I’m a teacher it takes you to the sign-in page in less steps


Finally, someone who doesn’t tag omtl on a GT!
That’s against the rules to tag omtl on a GT I report it every. single. time…


THT is trying to make money so that everyone can continue coding and making awesome stuff.

Great tutorial @tankt2016!


Great topic! Very useful


Wait they changed it so you have to do it only for school or with a subscription?


Yeah, unless you say you’re a student and your teacher didn’t give you a login.


Good thing I joined before that update then


Thanks for helping the community!!!


What…? You HAVE to have a subscription now? This app is ruined.


$80 for an APP. guess i’m telling everyone to get scratch, because it’s actually FREE.


What? You have to have a subscription? Weird.


No way.
No one is going to be getting that


You don’t have to, it’s just that they but it in a non-intuitive way


subscriptions to an online game cost less than this app!