Making a Game - Step By Step



In this guide, you will learn the step by step game making process. Enjoy! :grinning:


Spend a while thinking of an idea for your game. This idea does't have to be complex or anything - just something that you can start on. Start off by making a basic game plan. This can be in written, or mental. You'll probably end up improvising along the way when you run into trouble. Lastly, make sure to not overthink your project before starting.

Making The Game

You are ready to start working :grinning:! If you have a written layout, use it to start off... if not, improvise, or try to remember. As I said before, when making the game, you may run into some problems along the way. Just try your best to work around the problem, or ask for help here on the forum. Looking at other projects may be helpful as well :smile:. One big thing to remember is too not rush. Chunk out times during the day/week that you will work on your project. Also, try to not think about your project that much. You may spend hours daydreaming about your 'perfect' game in school... and then you get home to work on it, and it turns out you can't even do half the things you daydreamed about. In basic terms, keep it relatively simple. :wink:

The Finall Product/Testing

Once you are done with your game, you can start testing. Making sure your game is 'testable' when testing is important. Ideally, you should have been testing your game in the making - but what is also important is testing the final product. If your game is complex, or a little confusing, have other people test your game. Make sure to take there feedback to make it better. Something that you think it easy or makes sense could be totally confusing to other people... (thats why you have testers :yum:) After you think everything is ready, publish your game!

The Aftermath

After you have published your game, ask what people think about it...
Some other things to do:

  • If your game starts getting really popular, considering making a sequel. Ask people what they think of it so you can add improvements.
  • Don't be upset if your game isn't popular. Keep trying. Although this may not be good advice, it's true.

The Path To Featured...

Everyones goal is to get on featured... am I right!? Consider these things...

  • Have a unique Idea - make a project that no one else has made before.
  • Complex projects are always good!
  • Introduce a new type of game to the community... start a new trend!


I think that is a great tutorial @Qubertion! You can also remix projects to get an idea of the coding of other games. I have remixed a couple projects adding things like score, and I think that's a good way for beginning coders to start getting used to code.


That could be another reason too!


If you really want to get on Featured, post projects from 9:30-11:00 eastern time :wink:


Why are those times best @Kiwicute2015?


Most activity? 2020202020


Soooo helpful!! Thanks @Qubertion


That's when the Hopscotch Tram looks through projects to Feature!


Yw! :smile: Thanks for reading!


OMG Love this @Qubertion. It's basically how we make Hopscotch :smile:


@Ian this is just a question, are you at the Hopscotch Head Quarters Building Today??????? Because it is Vetaren's Day today. And this is great advice @Qubertion! One thing to add, if you want to make to be on featured, all you got to do is to put effort into your game.


@Phase_Studios, yup! Hard at work. None of us are veterans, so we don't haven't earned the day off