Making a Game on Scratch That Will Be Ported Over to HS, but I Need Ideas


I'm making a game on scratch and porting it over to HS as I go, but I need some help with ideas. It is based off of a few scripts I made. The scripts would create a character that moves with WASD, aims with the cursor, and shoots arrows with space. I will obviously have to swap those for on screen controls when I port to hopscotch, but I will focus on that later. Right now, I need an idea on what to turn the game into.

  • Short adventure/hack and slash game
  • Defense Game (Move around and protect something/someone from attackers)
  • Maze with Enemies
  • Other (post in a reply)


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Here is a link to the scripts with the base idea :


Sounds like fun


You could have flames moving along the ground towards a building and have to aim a hose to shoot water to stop the flames.
Have the water effected by gravity so the hose has to be aimed at an angle so the water curves as it moves through the air.

Multiple buildings can be in a column on the left of the screen and a character has to walk up down to get in front of each building.


I have a pretty good image in my mind for a game based off of that, as a side scroller. I think I might end up making something like that, but for this game I'm making an overhead view.


Harry Potter game

I just watched Harry Potter so I'm in Harry Potter mode rn


try this:

sorry I had to revamp it

it (no offence) has waaay to many bugs and is kinda weird (as in responsiveness of the controls :P)


Thanks, I think I'll use that version of the controls. I tried to make it shoot when you clicked but I couldn't find the block :sweat_smile: