Making a comeback-HARD


Hi. It's me. Yep. Here I am , flesh and blood, bone to bone. Not meaning to sound like my teacher, good ol' Mr. A, but I am disappointed. With the forum. I come back to chat with some irl pals, and they're in a flame war! PLZX, everyone , chill pills all around!!!


Why was this topic named making a comeback?
Where you gone? If you were welcome back


Who are they?
Mabye I could help


Yea I was gone, so thx!


Wanna talk in my GT


Me and @GreekGoddess2468 D:


Welcome back. I think that the flame wars have calmed down now, flame wars have happened before, and when it is done it will be like normal again. However, welcome back! I´ve missed you.


Cool, missed you too.


Ummmmm.......🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️...... :+1: