Making a band on Hopscotch!



Making a band on HOPSCOTCH! I am main singer. We will be singing pop songs. We can vote the name! Comment if you would like to join,


Also, if you are wondering about the tags, I meant to do "Sing" and "Band." But, that's what I got.


How are you going to singing hopscotch? Just with music blocks, or making real music?


Just edited the title because it was a little much XD


It's ok @Malie


Like making music with like, start sounds and me and someone else can write lyrics.


And then I guess also, like I am good at writing lyirics what you guys could do was hopscocthify a popular song and get someone who has a okay voice and who's good at making parody's sing over it and upload it YouTube!

I could do the singing!


cool! sounds cool, @Huggingfluffybear


But you do whatever you want. :hugging:

I was just giving a suggestion!


That's a good idea @Huggingfluffybear! But, you're not allowed to share YouTube usernames or our voices...


Are voices are fine, we are allowed to share YouTube videos not are channel.


Ok, but I don't think we can share YouTube videos, or our voices. I thought @Kiwicute2016 said that.. You're probably right tho, sry!


No. We can't share voices nor YouTube videos that we made.



This is getting weirder and weirder.

You can't even communicate in YouTube if I turn comments off.

I mean our voice doesn't share anything.


Your voice shows as much about you as your face.


Wait, it does?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But YouTube isn't a way to chat so why is that banned?


Because with your YouTube account, I can communicate with you through Google Hangouts.


@PinkFluffy_Unicorns, can i join? if i can be two stuff, then can i be keyboard and singer?


Umm know you can't what do you mean?


It's really simple. I just type your username into Google Hangouts and then I can communicate with you.