Making a 100% trail game



i’m making a 100% trail game.
it will only use one object, and its clones.
a wip is here:
the thing is, how do i actually make this happen?
i’m thinking about dodging lasers that pop up.
the problem is that everything will have to be circles.


Awesome idea! These are awesome and are challenges with cloning

I wanted to do something like this a while ago:


Cooooooooooopoooooooooooooollllll :smiley:


here’s a small bug…
i mean, a huge one.
characterX and characterY values don’t update.

doesn anyone know how to fix this?


That sounds AMAZING!!! I’m not sure how to fix it, but perhaps you just have too much code and the game is glitching? It’s happened to me before, a LOT.


tagging @POMTL


This will be cool… and awesome


yeah, the thing is that i can’t track a player’s postition.


lol i just forgot to put draw2 into draw2 and thats it


added a face!
would be nice to get lines working, though…


You can actually have lines! It’s pretty much the same thing, though I think that it might be a little bit more important to time the clearing of the screen.

There’s two ways to do that, one easier and one that’s a bit more complicated (if you want it to work at max fps). The easier one does not look as good.


Great idea, it looks really good so far!


i wanna try the complex one…


Ok, that’s great! I need to go off right now, but I can explain it tomorrow. Or you could look in my latest 3D project, it uses the better looking one.


ok, can’t wait!


When he wants to show you a 3D project brace yourself … it’s going to be LIT


movement and color changing-whee!


still waits for COAN to help with lines


on yet?


Sorry for keeping you waiting, I forgot about this.