๐Ÿ™ƒMakes Me Think Of Chain!๐Ÿ™‚



So this game is basically a theoretically endless game where the "starter" posts something, and the next person says "...makes me think of ____", and so on. Here's an example:


User A: Hopscotch App
User B: ...Hopscotch Team
User C: ...Liza
User B: ...Emails
User A: ...Banning of Sharing Emails on the Forum
User C: ...Sharing an Account for Collab

Please post on topic things!

This will also not be a perfect chain, so you don't make to make everything perfect. But at least try to a little. :slight_smile:

This is a test topic. If things go not as I expected, I will close this.

Have Fun!

I'll start:

Music Kit by Anonymous


Makes me think of @Anonymous... :D


Makes me think of the Anonymous account @SpreadPositivity :D


Makes me think about accounts on HS,


Makes me think about HS


Makes me think about hopscotch... :D

HS makes me think about hopscotch. XD


Makes me think of fun!


Makes me think of Smiling! :D


Makes me think about @Fun_in_the_Sun


Makes me think of games on HS


Makes me think of @SmileyAlyssa, @SmileyPanda and @SmilingSnowflakes


Which then makes me think of @KVJ's project on featured!


Which makes me think of people who are always smiling no matter what!


Which makes me think of Kaleidocosmos


Makes me think of game changers


Makes me think of featured.


Which makes me think of awesome projects!


Makes me think of hoping to get on there


Makes me think of hopeful hopscotchers!


Makes me think of trying hard