Maker of Hopscotch characters?



I was searching and I had images on and then I saw a bunch of hopscotch Characters I click on the link that brought me here:

Is this the artist who draws the hopscotch characters?


I'm pretty sure @Rodrigo designed the characters, but I don't know for sure


Yes, that's correct! Ilias Sounas designed the first round of characters. Good find!


Cool! :blush: Thanks for the help Liza!!


Although how come there are different characters that aren't on hopscotch?


Right. I joined Hopscotch a couple of months ago. All the characters were already designed and included in the app.


So... There are new characters that are already in the app, but they haven't been released yet?


I dunno


k. @Rodrigo?


Iknowiknowiknow you weren't talking to me :no_mouth:


This gave me a really good idea of a hopscotch contest! A contest where people draw and create characters they think would be good in the app and the winner(s) gets theirs added to the app!


Maybe I'll join...