Make your own Starbird


Make sure to join @Nindroid.
No, I don’t care that it’s laggy.

In this project, you select the colors and then make the Starbird.

Star Wars legends article about what it is.
This will probably change sometime.



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My name is ‘Fillip’,
I am a poet
I wrote this post just to show it
And I
Just turned 9
I like your project
Do u like mine.
Nice project.


Awesome!! I’m glad im not the only SW fan on here :+1:
I’ve coded up a very quick idea for the base (wings?), but I made it before I played your project, so you’d have to do the middle (neck??) differently. I might work on that later, if i have time :sparkles:

~PC8 of A&C



Mine isn’t that realistic, you could make your pretty good.


What’s a star bird? Is it a bird?


It’s my pfp.

In other news, I just started on TRR. More than a year after TDD.


Thanks!! I might try that later ^///^

Maybe you could also try a Phoenix Squadron Starbird in your game as well:
Then you could choose what type of Starbird you wanted, as well as the colour!
Though this type would be hard to make.


A Starbird is a legendary Phoenix sort of creature from Star Wars ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ It’s described in a chapter of Rebel Rising but I can’t remember it right now (`_´)ゞ I think they live in the centre of stars :sparkles: and then there’s sth about stardust and rising again, but I’ve forgotten it.

They’re also a symbol, like the alliance/resistance Starbird, like Nindroid’s got. The alliance one is red, whereas the resistance one is orange. There’s also the Phoenix Squadron Starbird, created by Sabine (╹◡╹):heart:

You can also look it up online for a more in depth explanation~ Wookiepedia is always helpful!!


@Petrichor your pfp!! Porgs!!!



The main reason I made the Starbird I made so bad was because I wanted it to be quick to make.

I should’ve done that though.



They should rule the entire universe, they’re just that cute.


yes porgs are the cutest things ever they def deserve to rule the universe, everyone would be happy with porgs in charge

And the starbird isn’t bad at all, it’s just stylised! I might work on a more realistic one later, I’m obsessed with colours and shapes being exact, I’m really picky about that sort of thing lol

Did you do the Force Friday II AR? I got a porg emoji but it won’t upload on here D:<


No. I did not.