"make your own character" MIGHT be added!



hey guys, (sorry if you are getting tired of that)

a few days ago, I used my moms email to email @Ian and told him about the suggestion @friendship2468 made about making our own characters. Guess what-- they responded! and they said that there is a chance that they will add a "make your own character" thingy to hopscotch! they also said that they may add more things to the make your own character option! like using pixel art drawing, free drawing, importing, etc.

Ps thank you SO much for making me a regular!!!


..........and no response lol but don't worry i can live with it :wink:


I hope so! thinking about game ideas


yea it would be cool if they added that :wink: it would be helpful for minecraft games


Looks cool horray cheered 5mins ago and jumped (it made a really loud noise when I said Harray so my mum was really surprised) @Ihasfluffycupcakes I'm so excited!


it would be my dream! pancake game soon...(i can publish projects on my main account now! YAY!)


I Think They Should Make It Like The Mouth Cropping Part In FMM.


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Really, you told him about my idea?? Wow that is so cool! Thanks, @Ihasfluffycupcakes


this would definitely help reduce lag in some projects


10th like :wink: