Make this an app!



You: I really want this to turn into a app. I need to find out how.
Me: I know!
Firstly you go onto the site click the saver button at the top

Click add to home screen do everything it tells you to do.
The results should be a bit like this

Hope this helped :slightly_smiling: just until an app is ACTUALLY released

How to make Hopscotch forum a app!

Such a great idea! Thanks Bubblyoreo!


awesome idea and great visuals! thank you!


That's sweet! I did that right after I read it!:yum:


I hope this helps any question feel free to ask them


This is a great explanation! I moved to to another topic about the same question, so that it's easier for people to find :). One trick to make things easy for peeps is to search for your idea before creating a new topic. Someone might have already created one, and you can reply to add your new idea :smiley:

The search icon (magnifying glass) is a bit hidden on the upper righthand corner of the page:


oh I see it now thx I was wondering about that....


If you make a actual app, can you make it for android also?


@Aes2015 yeah I think it would try and let me know.


It works. Going to post how to.


I tried to do the link on my phone and it didn't work. But I am not to sure could you tell me if you it.


I did it in Chrome. What web browser did you try it in?


If you use Chrome oh have to go to the upper right corner. There you should see 3 vertical squares, right next to the mic picture. Click on it. A menu should appear under the squares. Scroll down until you see "add to home screen". Click on it and a another menu should pop up in the middle of your screen. Click add.


This is soooo cool! It works!


Your so lucky you are allowed all those games! I'm only allowed Hopscotch! But anyway, tots great idea!


I figured out how to make this an app for Android. There should be a 3 dotted vertical line at the top of the browser screen. Click on that. There should be a text that says page, then there should be an arrow beside it. Click on the arrow besides page. Then click add to home screen. I hope this makes sense.


Lol i have like 6 pages of games and thx i hoped it helped


I agree!


You can do this with any website.


I think @codingiscool and @SASSYSINGER and I are really sorry for the irrelevant information. We were trying help @SASSYSINGER with getting this trick onto her iPad so please don't be mean and report things that don't have a purpose