Make the forum in different languages?



Here's a suggestion for the forum: make forums in different languages!
Basically, there are hopscotchers around the globe who want to go here but don't speak English.
Most of them speak:
Japanese, Spanish, French, Polish, and Chinese. Some may speak Arabic, Hebrew, Fliipino, Italian, and lots more! If you agree with this, I'll make a list and you'll say which language you fully speak, and since you hear English everywhere, the other language system will not only help other Hopscotchers around the globe, but it will help other people practice their own language!









  Other (say which Lang.)

Well, I hope that making these copies of the forum solves the problem!
We could also make a language switcher, but that wouldn't change people posts because these are all in English. Only put down your language of you really need it.

-Friendship Studios


That's why we could use some more moderators who speak different languages!


I promise there's nothing insidious or mean in the following. It's just what the ipad hears me saying (or trying to say) out loud in Russian:

Я недавно заметил что кто-то... вроде это было девочка... задал вопрос на "remix" одного из моих проектов, "присутствуют ли русские?" (или что-то подобное этому) на "Hopscotch". Мне самому было бы интересно узнать. Я предполагаю что нет, или что их очень мало. Но может быть я не прав. А вот что меня интересует: Почему вопрос был задан на моем проекте? Я понятия не имею. Честно говоря, это мне казалось очень... Маловероятно. Разве это было случайно? Как "она" бы знала что я говорю по-русски? :confused:

Here's the link:


I agree too it's a great idea and nice for people who don't speak English as a main language.

I don't know how it would be possible though. It would have to be automatic because no one would have time to go through all the posts (on the Site Statistics there have been 848 posts in the last week).


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Or we could have a language translator let's say I speak Spanish (I do speak Spanish and English) for example if someone made a post that said "hi" the computer would check the person who's reading the post's language on their iPad, iPhone computer etc. and check the word(s) that are in the post and would find a translation and use the translation in the post same thing with all languages
Plus we could do the same thing in hopscotch


Yeah. Good idea. Like the bad word detector! It could be a foreign language detector I wide of the website.