Make something that returns the object that something is touching

I feel like it would be cool to have something that returns the object a different object is touching, like;

Do you agree?

Do you agree?
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Ooh, sic idea! Another awesome use for strings!
@ana, @kayla?

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Why am I in your editor?


Is this the same idea as the one presented in this topic?


:joy: yep true


AMGpenguin. It’s in his name.

Another way to use strings, sounds like a pretty cool idea :sunglasses:. Although, I think I might have seen a topic like this before, so remember to sbyp :wink:.

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Great idea!

As others said this has been suggested (I think I did too), but nice idea anyways. This will be a part of local variables so we might expect this soon :eyes:

Yes a great idea ! But like @DolphinGirl7 I think I have seen a topic like this before. But overall I love it ! It could be a great touch !

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Sorry, I couldn’t find other versions.

Well I mean here’s it in my suggestion thing
I could find any other thing (with abad choice of words)

I think that it is a great idea!