Make Someone's Day!


Make Someone's Day!

I was srolling through the "Newest" tab and I was thinking it would be cool if everyone spamliked the projects on newest! Somone who normally get only a few likes could get a lot of likes. You won't know it, but they will probably be so excited! So my challenge is to go on "Newest" and spamlike it! I hope you choose to except this challenge. Happy Hopscotchin'!


I will! There are tons of us on here!


I'm so in.


yes I'm going this


I'm in! :slight_smile:


I just did up to about 35 mins ago before my fingers got tired, and my Internet glitched.


Lol I did this and got three new followers on my second account :smiley:


Good idea :D


I'm doing this! Cool idea!


Can I give a shotout to a person that codes cool stuff and doesn't get any attention?
If yes, shotout to... nixi21


I just checked out their profile, they make awesome projects!


I'm following them btw
Hopscotch logic: a coder get max 10 likes, but he/she makes their own projects.
An artist gets 50+ likes on a drawing on other person's pad.

I'm the second type xd


Wow Nixi is amazhang!!

Imma shout him(?) out!


I'll check this account! :slight_smile:


How about we find a cool person, and we spamlike one of his projects?