Make Someones day! Somethin im doin


Okay, so im going around following everyone i can liking almost all their projects! Anyone have anyone i should follow and like?? also im doing a FULL week of 80% SHOUTOUTS!!!! its next week since i have no school!! what shoutouts should i do????


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You should do Ruby Wolf, SmileyAlyssa:blush:, some of the new Hopscotchers, and some other ones!


Please do...
I know him and he barely has any likes on any of his projects. I find he has very good ideas. His username is Prof.Program on hopscotch.

Also can you please do
He's not on the forum but he's my brother.
He's only 7 years old so he doesn't get many likes or follows on scratch and hopscotch.


Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with everybody on there, and also @RubyWolf1 is super nice and supportive. She keeps trying!


I Would Like To, But I Nominate @Kiwicute2016, @CreativeCoder, And @Liza, Which Is Liza From Hopscotch.


Some good ideas for @SnowGirl_Studios

-WackyWand (not on forum): She started out by making "video projects," or projects from the Hopscotch videos. Although they were well coded, they weren't very creative. Recently though, she went off-video and published "Epic Bowling Game!" It deserves WAAAY more than the 5 likes that it has. It's ine of the best games I've ever seen that wasn't made by someone like @MagmaPOP .

-BubblegumCupcakeMix: Recently got on featured, so receiving a lot of attention, but deserves more! BCM is a really nice Hopscotcher who publishes amazing games and has been following me since I joined Hopscotch! :stuck_out_tongue:


all these nomination will get likes follows and shoutouts!!!!


Let's make someone's day a happy day if you see someone from hopscotch or someone new on this forum give them a nice warm welcome when you make someone happy you make you and everyone happy :smiley: