Make Someone Smile 😄




Thanks tem! Glad I could help!


Your welcome! Sorry about forgetting you…



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Who is it?

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It’s fine! Don’t worry!

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:


@TheDrawer I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, if at all, but I really really appreciate you and your existence. Tysm for literally everything dude I sincerely mean it. Ily fren and Irdk what I’d do without ya

@Gilbert189 thank you so so much for stepping in a couple times, it really means a lot. You didn’t have to but you did and some of what was said no doubt stung you too. You’re definitely someone I seriously look up too, and I think abt this point I have the honor of calling you my friend :slight_smile: you’re amazing dude and tysm again


@FearlessPhoenix, all I really want to say is that dude, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the drama I have caused, I’m sorry for arguing. You’re an amazing leader, and I know that a lot of the time I won’t agree with the measures taken in certain situations, but I act out of emotion, not rationally. I am just a type of person who says what they think, and I should change that. Overall, I’m sorry for all of the trouble and shade and everything I have done to you. You’re a really great person Fearless, I hope you know that. Again, I’m sorry I had an opinion, I shouldn’t have shared it. Sorry


@FearlessPhoenix, I don’t know where to start? you’ve literally been there for me from the beginning. and yes i have said this a lot, but I really am grateful for being able to become friends with you. sometimes I can’t even believe we were able to be friends for such a long time, especially because ive been so annoying and obnoxious for the last couple of months.

you’re such a kind, fun person to talk to and i am internally grateful for being able to become friends with you. and yes you might argue that you aren’t amazing or whatever. but that definitely for a fact isn’t true! and im sure for a fact most people here would agree with me.

tl;dr thank you for being my friend for all these years, and btw you’re amazing

@petrichor we’ve been hopscotch BFFs… for like forever :alien: and it’s really cool that we’ve been able to kind of of see each other grow and change these past few years lol

ngl we haven’t really talked to each other a lot recently, and we’ve kind of distanced ourselves. which is understandable, considering the fact that i left for 5 months or so. which i am sorry about :((

but besides that you’re actually a really funny person to talk to, and i can see why everyone on the app worships you! you’re also like a genius…you’ve made the biggest pixel art (i think?) and you know how to edit HS JSON files?? which imo is the coolest thing

also your humor is really inspirational, sometimes i wish my humor was as good as yours, how sad :((

I’ll edit this post with more ppl later I just have to sleep :sleeping: rn so :((


100% yes

Totally yes!


Nah it’s completely fine dude. I understand where you’re coming from, I can be like that at times too. If you’d like some advice on that, I’d just say to step away and actually think. And if you’ve made a mistake or something, own up to it and take it in stride as soon as you can. The way you do stuff, the way you feel is fine, and you don’t necessarily need to change that. Just maybe modify it. Try to keep control over your emotions, and if you feel something going wack with that, step away and go calm down. It helps, trust me.
It’s all good, really is. You’d be surprised at how used to this I am. I get this way more than y’all would think.
Thank you :))
Don’t be sorry about that. Ever. You are a human and you are entitled to having and expressing an opinion. And don’t you dare let anyone tell you otherwise. You should share them, just maybe think over it a tad and try looking from different perspectives and wording it in a way where it doesn’t directly target anyone or hurt anyone.
Like in your initial post where you called me out and stuff. That may not have been the best way to express the opinion, but the opinion and your feelings on the matter were fine. I know a lot of people that wouldn’t take kindly to something like that. This time it was me, and I’m perfectly cool with you and the shade I get, but if , another time, you run into a similar situation with someone a bit more sensitive or something, things could go way worse.

So there’s a piece of life advice that you may or may not take. But 2 main takeaways:

  1. we’re cool and you’re super amazing and entitled to having and sharing opinions and feelings, so please don’t shy away from that because of 1 incident
  2. however, you might wanna work on the expression of those opinions and feelings, in a way where it’d be taken to kinder

You’re never annoying or obnoxious TD dude you’re perfect and skskka thank you so much for everything you’re honestly like a lil sis to me ily friendo.
Gnight I hope you sleep well


I hope u sleep :sleeping: well too


Yeah, I’ve been trying writing my opinions down on a piece of paper, then shredding it up and throwing it away. Basically getting rid of my emotions, and it works. I recommend to everyone, I just need a more immediate solution


Try drinking water and doing something you like that calms you down. Or an immediate outlet of sorts, where you can just get it out (like scribbling realllllyy hard on a pice of paper etc)
I usually fence or do some other form of fįghting as one of my main outlets but that’s not always necessarily an immediate one


Your so nice! Your so funny, kind and helpful, I see you around here and I am always inspired to be kind because of you! I’ve saved most of your gifs as their adorable, and I use them with my friend quite often! Your a epitome of a perfect friend, so thank you for inspiring me :slight_smile:


Agreed completely.
Especially that last bit


Ooh, I can go outside and go serve the volleyball as hard as I can, or I can imagine someone I know irl and serving their head (that’s so violent, but she feels the same way.)


Haha that also applies to you ya know!