Make Someone Smile 😄



No I’m the #-1 pixel art Phoenix XD

But thanks dude, you always can make me smile :slight_smile:
You rock friendo


Haha yes Fea your da best pixel art maker, and your awesome because you created this topic!


Thanks and you too lol


Hey, look. Even silver dolphin agrees


Of course I agree!

@Dylan329 I’ve seen you around and all I can say about you from what I have seen is that your amazing. Seriously, your so hilarious and helpful, wow!


lol thanks but dyl is better
You’re amazing too


:joy: thanks. I don’t think I’m that helpful though lol.
Made me smile :crazy_face:


Haha, naw not compared to y’all XD

@Dylan329 good, I am glad it did :slight_smile:


@omtl I want to thank the whole community here, for being the best community I have ever found, you guys are simply the best! I know that as humans everyone can commit mistakes, and I want you to forgive me for all the mistakes I have done, maybe there’ll be people receiving this tag that don’t even know me, and don’t have to, because all you need to know about me, is that I love y’all, not as a community, as the singular person you are, because maybe you putted the trash into the trash can, or said goodbye to your mom this morning when going to school, because I’m thankful for all those little actions that help all the entire world, which includes everyone of us, everyone should be thankful for all those actions other people do, even if they think it will only benefit themselves, it also inspired other people to do it, making a chain reaction that inspires everybody to be better each day… moving back a bit, everyone’s different, and everyone should appreciate their own differences, because being equal means stealing something you litteraly are, that’s why I think the world shouldn’t have equality, it should have equity, to threat everyone by their differences, because they have their own necessities, opinions, critics, beliefs, etc. and they should be threaded regarding to that… if you have read all and you reached this part of the post, I also want to thank you for reading the entirety of this, because maybe I had the enough power to motivate you to be a better person, and then maybe you’ll have the power to motivate everyone at your surroundings right now, thanks for being the best community i’ve ever met… for all those good moments, those great comments and those friendships, thanks for sharing the love with the world


This was very meaningful, thanks for making 187 users’ day <3


I’ll always be here for the entire community, everyone deserves equity


Thank you for the compliment! You just made 180 people’s day! That doesn’t make grammatical sense


Realises that she is not on omtl and cry’s in the corner 0w0


I bet it goes for everyone.


Oh… okay.


Yeah but there’s no bigger tag list than the omtl…


Yeah. 0w0 Yass!


Which one???


There isn’t one. Well… there is one but… yeah…


Oh… ok :ok_hand: