Make Someone Smile πŸ˜„



Yeah I can




Cool. Ok. I’m going to gbot.


@Jazz thank you for being an amazing leader! Your really helpful and kind, and also very inspirational, your an amazing addition to the community and always give the right advice! You really do β€œJazz” up the forum!




@sophia71205 I’m neither Christian nor religious

but the way you always have faith in God and that you’re so open about being Christian and stuff, always makes me want to be more religious and practice my religion more.

so thank you :two_hearts::two_hearts:


I’ll be honest, that’s one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever been given. Thank you so much!


@Valgo your probably one of the, if not the most legendary hopscotchers of all time! Your really inspirational and helpful, and it’s great to still see that you are active! Your also really kind, and I just want to say thank you for being one of my few role models!


To everyone who inspired me:

@CoderOfMagic, you are a good coder and I’m inspired by your projects.
@tankt2016, you provide me with the funniest cat memes.
@BabyButterfly, I absolutely love your comic on the DT about the spoiled girl (IDK her name oof).
@ItzMya, you’re the snazziest person I met.
@GweTV, you were the reason I immediately subbed to Pewds.
@Writer_Lillian, I love your fun and memey personality. Also your globgobgabgalab memes. Those are great.
@Silverdolphin, your presence is very much appreciated by me.


Aw thank you so much! You didn’t have to edit me in, your’re too kind! Next time I shall do one for you!


I ran out of ideas for compliments ;-;


Tysm! It means a lot to me (her name is Skylar she rep the Buc’s with pride, she’s probably too cool for you so friend request denied (Oh!) It’s from Bring It On

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Thanks m8 :))


@FearlessPhoenix is the #1 pixel artist
@GweTV is the epic meme lord


Yes I agree!


Thank you but I disagree.
You’re the #1 pixel artist, pixel art gΓΈd, pixel art master and everything


Thanks m8 :))


U r #1 pixel art Phoenix :slight_smile: