Make Someone Smile πŸ˜„





Princess Monky :prince: :two_hearts::heartpulse::relieved:


Did it make u smile :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


no it made me cry :cry::speak_no_evil::disappointed_relieved::see_no_evil:


oh no… :pensive::moyai::bangbang:


Your welcome! U deserved it!


@Murphy1 I really am sorry for taking your last post on your GT, I meant it in a friendly way. I want you to know your really awesome, and I hope you can forgive me one day, I really enjoy talking to you!


So you posted after @UTheDevHS and it closed after 10k?

Either way, you’re a nice person that always makes others smile :slight_smile:


yeah, I kinda regret it…

haha thank you! I am probably gonna do another one tonight!


You are amazing.
Thanks for helping and being one of my best friends bro


@fearlessphoenix is so kind and funny, everyone should spaam like them :innocent::revolving_hearts::heartpulse::cupid:


I’m outta likes. :frowning_face:


@FearlessPhoenix I can’t even find a way to express my gratitude towards you! From being friendly to funny to caring, your an amazing friend and role model! Your so kind and witty I love talking to you!

@Awesome_E your the coolest robot ever. Your helpful and really nice, thank you for helping me spam my GT! I’m glad we are friends:)


Cool thanks sd, want to join our game on fea’s topic? every correct response is +50 epoints

Go to post 3044 there


Woah yeah! Okie I am coming


big sad face intensifies


@Jazz for being amazing and for being able to solve a Rubix cube
@SarcasticTvHead for being an akzijg artist and friend
@Dylan329 for being great at pixel art


Can u solve a Rubix cube CoM?


@Murphy1 for having many layers, like an onion :see_no_evil::joy::ghost::nerd_face::nerd_face::moyai::moyai::parking::parking::flushed::joy:


@ItzMya for being someone I want to fry :fried_egg: sometimes :anguished::imp::smiling_imp::skull_and_crossbones::skull::space_invader::pouting_cat::palms_up_together::open_hands::ghost::ghost::skull::crying_cat_face::skull_and_crossbones::clap::smile_cat::smirk_cat::joy_cat::older_woman:t3::woman:t3:β€πŸ¦³ :bust_in_silhouette: :clown_face: :smiley_cat::smile_cat::joy_cat::crying_cat_face::scream_cat::kissing_cat: :smirk_cat::heart_eyes_cat::pouting_cat: :parking::parking::parking::squid::rage::clap::poop: