Make Someone Smile 😄



aaa thanks CoM! :))


Here is my huge compliment:
Thanks to…

@tankt2016 For being the first person to welcome me to the forum, and being that person for every new user. Also thanks for being super nice, and always willing to chat.
@Mindcool24 For being amazing! Your a great coder, a super nice person, and always willing to chat! You rock dude!
@FearlessPhoenix For being a super amazing person, and a awesome coder! One day, I hope I will be as awesome as you!
@TheDeliciousOrange For being a great irl friend. I know we have had fights in the past, but I still consider you a great friend.
@ThatEnglishMuffin For being probably the nicest person I know irl, and a great coder. What more could a person ask for!? :smile:
@Awesomegirl25 For being a great sister, even though we don’t always get along. Keep coding, and you WILL get a feature one day.
@GweTV For always making me laugh, with your hilarious memes, and everything about you. Keep smiling dude!
@UnicornRainbow I know your supposedly not here any more, but you are a great coder, and a super nice person, and I’m sorry you decided to go.
@Leaders For always keeping the community in check. I know it may not always be easy, and you get a ton of back lash, but you are all doing a great job, and you are all amazing people.
@CreationsOfaNoob For being my favorite coder, and inspiring me. Your amazing, and I can’t wait to see your future projects.
@ThinBuffalo For being a great coder, a parent, AND finding time to help other people with their coding. That, is amazing to me.
@Writer_Lillian For being a great person, and for being one of the first people to welcome me to the forum. Your awesome!
@BumpSplatGaming.Co For being a spectacular coder! Thanks for inspiring me, to do my best as I code. I can’t wait to see your name, on the Game Changers page!
@Awesome_E For being an awesome person, and a great coder. Your amazing!
@Ana, @awesomeonion, @hopscotch-curators for creating and running an amazing app! Hopscotch has inspired me, to do so much! Thank you so much for creating hopscotch!

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone else. Thank you to anyone else, that has made hopscotch and the forum awesome and enjoyable for me. Thanks! I hope this has put smiles on all of your faces!


Thanks m8 :))


Your welcome!


Same thing to you m8


Your welcome!


Thank you! your awesome to!


Your welcome!


Skskskskkakaks thank yo so much dude it means a lot. You’re already as awesome if me, if not more :wink:


Thanks Fea! Your welcome!



Thank you so much CoM!


Thank you so much!


Your welcome! You deserved it, p,us your trail arts are amazing!


Oh, thank you! Made my day :slight_smile:


Good! After all, that is the point of this topic!:smile:


@Leaders you guys are the best. You try really hard to make this a better place, and you deserve much better from the community. Don’t worry, it’ll get better though.

@HardcoreHufflepuff n @Apricity. You guys are amazing and definitely some of my best friends here. Ily guys, please never stop being amazing. I’m always here for you if you need me

@FearlessPhoenix I love ya lil bro :))

@CoderOfMagic keep coding and being enthusiastic and genuine about everything you do. That’s gonna get you far kid.

@tankt2016 n @Awesome_E. You guys are sic. You’re both great coders and friends. Both have outstanding contributions, and yu guys have done a lot for hs and the forum, even though you may not see that. Keep doing what you do guys

@GweTv you’re awesome, keep being you. And, have fun being chased down those volcanos :wink: jk but you’re a really funny and chill guy. I can see why Fea loves talking and rping with you

@Petrichor @TheDrawer, just keep being yourselves and being funny, sweet, amazing people. Petrichor, open up a bit. Let loose, allow yourself to have some fun. You may have gotten hurt because of that before but you can’t let one thing scare you away from everything else.

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Thanks! We do our best, as I said before :slight_smile:


I know :))

Y’all make tough calls and it…unbelievable that some people don’t see that.
If they saw backstage, even for a couple seconds, they’d understand better.
The h8 and stuff y’all get isn’t a problem with y’all or your leadering. It’s with people not being able to see the whole picture.
So just keep at it friend :))