Make Someone Smile 😄



gasp you’re leaving the forums?! Oh you’ll still be on the app whew that was close. Goodbye and keep coding amazing projects!

Thanks so much for the compliment! Don’t ask me to do arts and craft though. All I can do there is stick google eyes on a rock.


thanks!!! :pensive::revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart::two_hearts:


What about that one art class where we painted pictures


aww!! thanks for being an inspiration and we will miss you!!!


Why, thank you @Rodrik834! I don’t believe I’ve done anything different here than I do elsewhere, nor anything that anyone else couldn’t be doing…
…so if you appreciate it, pay it forward for me, will ya? :smile:

(Love your new title, btw! So, so true.)


I am going to do a huge compliment tomorrow morning.


Bye @UnicornRainbow! I hope we meet again!


aw, silly baboon

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@CTS for being my best friend and talented artist who I can always talk to you forever
@FearlessPhoenix for being the best friend who supports me and the person I can always trust
@Apricity for being the person who I Can always talk too, and the person who I appreciate more than anything
@tankt2016 for always being kind and always caring to my, and other peeps problems no matter what happens :wink:
@BabyButterfly for doing their amazing art comics in the Drawing Topic that I enjoy reading
@HardcoreHufflepuff for bursting in with positivity and Hamilton/Twilight quotes whenever possible
@TheDeliciousOrange for being a great coder and I caring soul who is always nice on the forum
@BumpSplatGaming.Co for making people smile and having imagination with coding
@Silverdolphin for being here always, and always caring to everyone who needs a smile
@Jazz for being the leader who, besides keeping the forum healthy, tends to user’s problems and needs
@GweTV for always being there. You are truly amazing with both your coding and your friendship skills :slightly_smiling_face:
@TheDrawer for being amazing with art and great photoshopping skills
@ItzMya for being great at art and having a place In the Hs community


Thanks CoM :))


No problem :slight_smile:


Awww ty CoM :))


No prob


Ahh i forgot TD lemme add them


Tysm! That actually just made my day better! There is another little comic thing coming out in like, 5 minutes so stay tuned


No problem!
It’s great!


Whenever a friend leaves HS



Thankkkkk yoooouuuuu
Twilight needs more usable quotes Hamilton totally beat it in the quote department



but i’m really not