Make Someone Smile 😄



For all of those leaving and those who aren’t, I just have a few words for you


You were one of the first people I met on Hopscotch and were the first to become someone I consider a friend. I loved your art there and when I first came here I was so excited that I could actually talk with you! You have inspired me and you continue to amaze me with your art especially your proportions and anatomy. How do you do that!? :o
And I thank you so much for listening to me, it really meant a lot! :blush:Seriously, big hug thank you for everything Senpai!!! :heart:


Hey, amongst all the waves of life don’t forget to take a minute and breath, okay? I hope you can find some true irl friends some day and that you’re doing okay. You are special and I want you to know that you’ve been a big part of my Hopscotch experience, senpai!


I don’t know if you’re still on, but besides the drawing topic your gts were where I was most of the time. I didn’t say much then, but I enjoyed going trough your topic and seeing what you guys were saying (the whole Bee movie thing was curious though :smirk:). I have many memories of the forum and you are a big part of them, thank you for being you! You and @MrHotDog64 brought many smiles to my face!


You may not consider yourself the best at art, but the people you draw are so cute! XD I saw Jazz tell you that they are like tiny popsicle people and they are :3
Thank you for all those chats about feh, they were fun! And I hope your irl can give you something you enjoy to occupy your time with while you are away


I hope your dream of making a living from your art works out, if you work hard enough I’m sure you’ll meet your goal! (I’ll keep my eyes open :wink:)

You all have meant a lot to me and I’m happy that I got the chance to know you! :blush:


awwww my heart is melting thank you :sob:


Thank You To…
@tankt2016 a kind person and AMAZING Coder. Is there anything you can’t do?
@TheDrawer for being the best fish in the pond!
@Petrichor for being the coolest kid on the Forum!
@Hopscotcher an amazing m8 and a great coder!
@CoderOfMagic a horse loving great person. You always make me smile and I think it’s my turn. We shall always be horse buddy’s
@FobieFuwa your drawings are amazing! You have improved so much over the time I have known you!
@Someone45356, The Most Amazing Person To Ever Draw Cute Penguins! Yay!
@cheeseperson I love all your code and amazing attitude to everything.
@William04GamerA your trail arts and skills are :star_struck:. Your such a great leader.
@TheCMStudios your games are addictive! I luv them!
@The_candy_artist your an amazing friend on the Forum!
@the_dancer always have supported me since I started almost a year ago!
@Hi_people I have always loved talking about Harry Potter with you!
@Popkea_H.S well, what a lovely person! Thanks for all the support!
@MK0825 Hi Anime Buddy! Your sooooo nice
@ArtisticCoder you will always be my Official and only IBF! Thanks for all the good times!
@PandaS always has amazing competitions that are the best!
@GameCodingCrazy123 is amazing at Code and basically everything! We will always remember coding together for March Madness!
@Silverdolphin an amazing Buddy! Your so kind and always online to talk to!
@Stylishpoopemoji33 an amazing Coder and I hope you get a Feature for your Ice Cream game!
@Writer_Lillian an inspirational writer! Your Anna Story’s are the best!
@isurehopeso what a kind person you are and such a great m8.
@BumpSplatGaming.Co WOW! Your games are soooo good! Thanks for always being there!
@smurfy0000000 a person who helped me when I first joined!
@Houseelf87 an amazing friend on the Forum!
@GweTV my Meme Lord! Thanks for teaching me the art of memes and helping come into my own!
@Mindcool24 your so cool I can’t believe it! Thanks for everything!
@rodrik834 an amazing friend and a great Coder!
@ThatEnglishMuffin an amazing brother! Thank you for literally EVERYTHING!
@Paige1212 an amazing friend Who gives :100: into everything!
@FearlessPhoenix for being an amazing leader!
@pomtl for always helping me with my games! Your great!
@omtl for always being there for me when I need more people

As I’m Leaving Today I Have To Thank EVERYONE who is so kind to me and always been there when I need you! See you all on the Hopscotch App!


@petrichor for being the best fish, and helping me convert to -1!
@fearlessphoenix for being my first friend, and helping me gain confidence
@sarcastictvhead for being funny and talking to me
@BabyButterfly for making great art
@Paige1212 for being vv funny
@Gobli09 for changing ur pfp to @petrichor
@itzmya for speaking and role playing with me :speak_no_evil:
@tankt2016 for being such a kind, helpful person!
@kitty4u for making great art
@blackseal for being funny also chihiro
@yogilc for being a nice squid
@isurehopeso for having the best grammar

ok goodbye!


Goodbye friend, you will wholeheartedly be missed


What? Why are you leaving?


Yes. And I’m leaving right now. Check my GT for the story…


Thank You. GoodBye


Omg, bye… you will be missed @Unicornrainbow



A lot of things
Walking through walls, flying, standing on thin air, having laser vision…:stuck_out_tongue:

@UnicornRainbow an awesome person who’s talented at art and coding, and all around epic, who will be missed!


Thank you so much!

I will miss you a lot. Good luck in real life, you are going to go far because of your helpfulness and kindness.


Thanks @UnicornRainbow! Your amazing, and I am sorry to see you go, and will miss you. By Uni!


Aw. Thanks so much for the shoutout!
That really means a lot.


yee me vv funny
u too


Hopefully you’ll come back for a bit some day


I’m never included in any of these
I was hopscotcher of the month too once
I should mute this topic.
bye @UnicornRainbow
have a good time
or not it depends
what you do


Thanks!!! It’s cool to have a very friendly community over here!


I see you @PerilTheSkywing!
Nice day don’t ya think?


Haha you got me
I just spamlike you every time you post


Hey go to my gt, I need to talk about a project