Make Someone Smile πŸ˜„



Aren’t you orange?


Wth :b:Etrichor??? Ur orange!!! This isnt eben u!!! Omg wth??? :rage:


Greetings young mortals of the human species:

I am Petrichor’s assistant omelet, and I took that picture.

Petrichor is currently in a costume.

Goodbye and remember: Petrichor mange voiture d’eau, et est pas mort.


Ahh makes sense



Thanks man means a lot


assistant omelet can u tell petrichor that he looks better in blue


Your welcome likey cough I mean tanky


Your welcome Rodrik


Your welcome CV


Awww thank you so much!! You’re super fun to talk to too ;))


Aw thank you so much!


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


My pleasure lol


@Leaders @Ana

I’m so grateful for you. All what you do here raises the percentage of a happy, safe forum. Sometimes, well almost always, I try to put myself in your shoes, and it seems like a very hard job. I just wish that you guys(leaders) didn’t get backlash for doing something with the guidelines. I’m also sorry some people were rude to you(also leaders). Shine on! You were 100% chosen for a reason, remember that!


Thank you for that :blush:


No problem
It’s true tho!


:)) thanks CoM


Thank you @HardcoreHufflepuff and @CoderOfMagic. You both have indeed brought a smile to me today, and I truly appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:


No problem


okay, just wanted to say i don’t hate any of the leaders