Make Someone Smile πŸ˜„



You are welcome @Silverdolphin and @Lisa1045




Thank you! That was very nice from you to say!


Thanks, @Apricity & @HardcoreHufflepuff, that’s very encouraging! :blush:


Aww, thx! =(8^))


@CoderOfMagic, I am having a good day, and I hope you do too!


@Petrichor, @TheDrawer
Y’all are honestly my best friends and I love both of y’all so much. I’m really sorry about my second gt the first time it closed. But I’m really glad you guys got your posts an all, I really am.
You guys mean so much to me <3333


I hope your day is great!




Have great day Cv, and congrats on the feature :wink:


Merci, CoM!

Translation: Thank you!


Some compliments I’d like to share!

@FearlessPhoenix you are awesome! You always know how to solve problems, which I think is a great reason why you are a leader! You also are very friendly and kind with everyone, you search for everyone’s happiness and try to understand people’s point of view, that’s why I think you are amazing!

@GweTV @Hopscotcher & @Mindcool24 you are amazing friends! You are always seeking for some fun and also you help people on need! You were the first to welcome me at the forums and I’m sure you’ll always be with me no matter what! Because that’s what true friends do

@Jazz, you are one of my favorite leaders! You always try to do your best for other people in need, and always help the community in a general way, seeking for everyone’s happiness!


Thanks m8 :))


Thanks dude :slight_smile:
It means a lot


Well ya know what the title means!


@silverdolphin, ive never talked to you before, but you’re always so kind and polite to everyone, which inspires me to want to act kind to other people.

so thank you for always being so kind and helpful!


@Petrichor i dare u to smile


He probably did bc I went to great measures to get him last post on my gt lol



I thought you were orange?