Make Someone Smile πŸ˜„




Mmm tea XD


Aw, Apricity, have an amazing life. I loved talking to you and you’ve been a great friend. I’m always here for help if you need someone. Always remember, you’re awesome and no one can stop you from being so. :blush:
I’ll miss you Apricity. Thanks for being such a great friend.


@Lisa1045 your basically an epitome of perfection. Literally, you are always willing to help people and your so unbelievably kind to everyone! Seriously, your truest inspirational and I love talking to you. Let me know when you are going to go off and online, as I want to make sure I can talk to you for as long as possible. Seriously your awesome! Ily so much and here’s a quote I made up that applies to you and @Paige1212
β€œWhen it comes to best friends I have quite a few, but none of them are as special as you!”

Your so awesome and amazing, thank you for everything, and for being my very first HS friend!


Aw thank you SO much @Silverdolphin
You are the best!


No seriously you are! You were such a good friend to Lisa while I was inactive, and I really appreciate that!


Aww, that was so sweet, thank you so much!
Ever since I met you, you have changed my life in the best way! Your personality, humor, and everything is amazing! I love you, and I always will. I hope we could possibly meet irl one day :D


Same! Your seriously the best!


brb crying
qjhehshsjehsh thqnk you so much hhhhhh you’re so sweet and imma gonna cry thankyouuu


Thanks A!
I’m happy to know that I matter instead of I Energy lol

@Apricity - keep being your awesome self! You mean a lot to everyone here, and we love having you around. Your personality is one of a kind and you’ll always have a place in our hearts! :3


Dude tysm! It means a lot haha
You’re super awesome too, and I hope you have great anni !!!


I have a whole bunch of shoutouts to give!
@Lisa1045 - you have always been such a good friend, and have always been funny. You are so awesome.
@Silverdolphin - you have always been very nice to me. You are so kind.
@GweTV - You are really funny and cool
@Rodrik834 - you are really cool and nice
@ChickenProductions7 - you are fun to talk to anytime
@DMF - you have been really nice and one of my first forum friends
@FearlessPhoenix - you are really nice and friendly
@Pink_Roses - you are really nice and funny
@Gobli09 - you are very funny and nice to talk to
@thebestest - you have always been a good friend (but sadly left)
@Cocoa_Viola - you are nice to play games with
@tankt2016 - you are fun to talk to when I’m bored XD
@koalaKrazy - you are a very nice friend
AND Everyone else on @PaigeysFriends and this forum. Everyone is my friend, just know that.
(Sorry if you got tagged twice)


Thanks for the compliment!


You are welcome


oof I didn’t get my name on the list


You are very funny and fun to talk to :grin:


@GweTV isn’t even on your tag list and they got mentioned individually.


Rip me lol


I wouldn’t take it personally m8


leaving the tag list


I like everyone on the forum equally
Remember that.