Make Someone Smile 😄



You said you quit Hopscotch. Did you come back…?


Oh yeah hs reinstalled for some weird reason so here I am! But I’m careful my mom doesn’t catch me


Might wanna GBOT


What’s GBOT?


Get back on topic


Oh sorry but its on topic! They was worrying because of the compliment I said to they


Oof okay. That’s good to know. :shushing_face:


I’ve been here for a while now.

On the app for a year and 5 months.

The forum for 4 months.

I know to some people this isn’t very long at all, but to me it’s been an eternity. I remember coming to the app, making weird, silly games. Then i discovered the forum. I discovered the amazing community here. The amazing people who have helped me get to where I am today. Being here, coding, making friends, it’s made me a better person. So thank you. Thank you to everyone in this amazing, fun community.

There are just a few people i have special thanks for.

@tankt2016—thanks for being one of my first friends on here. Thanks for helping me figure out how to use half the stuff here. i’d be lost if you hadn’t.

@CTS—thanks for being a great friend too. Your art always makes me smile. As proven by my last 3 or so pfps being your art, i love it. You’re going to be amazing when you grow up. If you want to, you could definitely be an artist or a storyteller.

@FearlessPhoenix—thank you so much. for everything. You’ve helped me in some of my dar.kest times, and you’ve always been willing to listen. Thank you.

@A_Metalhead—yeah, i know you left 6. But maybe you’ll see this. Thank you for also being there for me. Whenever i needed someone to talk to, you were there. Don’t let yourself get lost in others’ shadows. You’ll shine bright too.

@GweTV—thanks for the memes. Sometimes laughter is all you need. Continue to help people.

@SarcasticTvHead—thanks for being someone i could look up to. For a year before i joined to forum, i looked up to you. I admired your art, your personality, and how nice you seemed. Now i actually get to talk to you on the forum. It still seems surreal at times. I know we’re now really “friends” or anything, but i just thought i should tell you this.

@Leaders—thanks for helping everyone here. I don’t think i’ve talked to all the leaders, so i just want to say i think you are all amazing at what you do. I know helping in a place like this must be overwhelming or difficult at times, so i look up to how you all succeed so much. Y’all keep doing what you’re doing.

@CoderofMagic—thank you CoM. For everything you’ve done for me. You’re my bestie, and you always will be. I’m sorry that before we became besties we argu.ed so much, but now everything is good again. Thank you for being the sunshine i needed on a rainy day. For being the friend i always knew would be by my side when i needed it. Thank you.

@Everyone—I wish there was a tag for everyone here. Because everyone here contributes to this amazing community, and deserves thanks for it. It would be what it is today without a lot of people.

Now here’s the thing. I don’t want these compliments to end here. Everyone deserves to be thanked. So go out, and thank someone you really care about. For being there, and for whatever makes you care about them. Do it here to. Put a smile on someone’s face. One nice thing can go a lot further than you think it can. Make it count. Make someone feel loved. See y’all at some point. Thank you.



Thanks Apricity :))

I will continue with the memes

Very true

I will :slight_smile:


:)) That’s a legacy that will last.
Thank you Apricity.

I hope you have the best possible irl life


Thanks so much,

I hope you have a great life irl!


I will always remember you…
I’ll miss everything
I wish there was some way we could talk, I wish you were on just in time for me to tell you my ha pass…
I won’t forget you bestie


Thank you so much for the positive words! We always try to do our best :slight_smile:


@Apricity, this was all so beautifully stated!! You will truly be missed. Best wishes in your future endeavors!


I keep sayinf this but this topic has never made me smile


What about internally?


Well it kinda gets overpowered seeibg all thw ones that get constantly called.

They do deserve it tho


Who wants raw milk and tea? Because I will spread some raw milk and tea now

@FearlessPhoenix you are so supportive and kind, always being inspirational.
@CoderOfMagic you truly are so amazing and i don’t understand how you do it. You are always kind and generous, helping everyone.
@tankt2016 you’re always hilarious and upbeat, always trying to make everyone feel appreciated and loved.
@apricity you are so amazing, always kind and supportive. We will never forget you.
No matter how much you get kicked down, you get up.
Keep on leading, leaders.


Thanks, but I’m reallly not that.


Tysm HH, means a lot dude.
Right back at ya