Make Someone Smile 😄



I’m really not that sweet of a person and I don’t deserve your praise.


Thank you for putting me @tankt2016
You are awesome to, and super nice!


Thank you! I actually remember that list, because you don’t forget when people are nice to you :wink:


@Apricity @MewtwoCreator

Hug time!

@MewtwoCreator in case you’re wondering, yes, I do realize that you changed your persona.



You’re a super amazing super sweet person. You’re one of the kindest people I’ve seen on here and I’m really glad you exist. Never be sad or think bad about yourself because you’re basically perfect. You’re sweet, kind, an amazing drawer, coder and friend and person. Everyone loves you. You’re special, you have a place and you deserve everything good. I’m here even when I’m not. If you ever need a friend or anything I promise I’ll try to be there for you. I’m proud to call you my friend, I really am. I’ll miss you.
Just remember the rainbow and not just the rain yeah?
I know it can be really hard and I know you can start blaming yourself but you really shouldn’t. Honor your friends memories; remember the good times and the fun things. Let them live on and be with you through those memories.


Yes, you’re right I don’t know apricity that well. But she is usually very kind to everyone! So thanks apricity, you’re wonderful.


^^ @Apricity read that dude :)) ^^


@Ana thank you so much for helping me with my accounts, and for reminding me to be more helpful! :)


Strangest thing, I looked up epic and here’s the definition:

An extended narrative poem in elevated or dignified language, celebrating the feats of a legendary or traditional hero


You are helpful on the forum, and good at coding…


To @trustfalls
You’re a true diamond in the rough :ok_hand: UwU

Keep on shining


To @CoderOfMagic
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and everyone here!

You’re one of the best things that’s ever happened to me

Just be yourself


P0L Rocks lol.
You are an amazing artist with everything that you draw!


@CoderOfMagic a great friend!!!


Great coder and awesome drawer!


Thank you very much!


No problem!


Here are some people I need to mention…

@tankt2016 for being an amazing friend.
@CoderOfMagic for doing inspirational projects and helping me when I’m stuck.
@FobieFuwa for doing AMZING drawings.
@Someone45356 for just being amazing in general.
@cheeseperson for always joining Competitions I run.
@William04GamerA for helping me with my trail arts.
@TheCMStudios for some AMAZING projects.
@The_candy_artist for just being an inspiration to me.
@the_dancer for always supporting me.
@Hopscotcher for being a great friend.
@Hi_people for making me happy.
@Popkea_H.S for always wanting to help.
@MK0825 for being an amzing Hopscotcher.
@ArtisticCoder for being great.
@PandaS for doing great Competitions.
@GameCodingCrazy123 for always wanting to talk and have fun.
@ThatEnglishMuffin for being an awesome brother.
@TheDeliciousOrange for being amazing and my brothers friend.


Thank you so much for the shoutout! It totally made my day :slight_smile:


Thanks to:

Thanks for welcoming me to Hopscotch Forum
And everything else but I gotta say
Thanks @rednoodles because you’re awesome and you deserve candy today and every day of teh week

wow i have no other friends hhhh dang it