Make Someone Smile 😄



It’s an ancient joke. @MiNi @KayKat

You’re welcome, but I mean it, just tag me. Life wasn’t meant to be fought alone.


Tysm fearless really… :))
Y’know you didn’t have to come back for a bit just to write something out for me on your own acc (for authenticity I’d assume?)


You know, I was thinking how this topic can make us cry more than smile sometimes…in a good way, but still.


Yeah true…
Most topics that are honest + 100% sincere do ig


It’s just when someone says something to you that reminds you that everything will be okay and that somebody does care, it can bring tears to your eyes.
I’m beginning to sound like an over emotional teen


Everything may not be okay but it really is still nice to know that people do care.
Nah you’re cool.

I’m really glad this exists…


This topic or the forum?


This topic.

And the mentaI heaIth one


Go spamlike fearless because they’re amazing and deserve so much better than what they get and are kinda sad rn


Forum or app?
@DMF let’s just melt Fearless (you know what I mean).


Hmm forum I guess.
They’ll see it faster here


what would you like me to do? sorry, no ideas :00


what about a pixel art?


its funny how this topic never made me smile huh lol.

at least an attempt was made, but like always i think that most would just feel apathy to this.


Well, I find your art cute and nice.


I want to make as many people smile as possible.


Pixel art would be great! Spam likes on here or the app. Or just a good ol’ melting post.


You are amazing! I didn’t know you were NinjaBearGames, and that makes you even cooler!
Also I really wanna do a collab with you lol


?? sorry but im rlly confused


This is a topic where you say compliments and stuff…