Make Someone Smile 😄



They’re siblings. Of course they’re going to annoy each other.


I do not like siblings that fight or argue. My childs would never do that.

I mean one of em’s dead so…

how dare you mention that.


small potatoes that fly! woo :potato::grinning:


Ahh!!! Same for you dude idk anything about transformers but i still like em

@XiaoMiaoMi idk where you are rn if you’re blocked on this forum or if you’re busy but i hope you’re doing well.


sksksk im almost too awkward to accept compliments but thanks so much hhh im on a computer right now and I dont know how to do emojis but if I did I would do a lot of heart emojis and maybe a few sparkle ones !! but seriously thanks you’re super rad too !! <3


Thanks CoM you are too ! Your OC is epic I love her hhhh
Well I guess I can live with that lol


@ChickenGirl, your art is amazing and I love it.


I definitely plan in doing one of these soon but there’s so many amazing ppl here and I don’t want to miss anyone


Lol yeah true.
Still just do a couple people I guess.
Or do Fea’s challenge thing


@ItzMya you’re super cool and I’d like to get to know you a bit better because I’ve seen you around and you do seem like a really cool friend and nice person.
And you’re art is reallly epic too


Thanks dude !! You’re definitely gonna be on my list when i get around to it uwu


Thanks to you dude


Sorry to everyone who felt I was a burden. I love you all. Goodbye now.


Awe, thank you.
I think @FearlessPhoenix would love to know that this topic is serving its purpose and is making me smile.


You are not a burden ?!?! Where on earth did you get that idea missy. Listen to me Kayro, you are one of the most creative, talented, hilarious and amazing people I know. I love seeing your drawings and your stories and you honestly have such a bright future ahead of you. I’m no good at talking to people or responding to things I like but I honestly cannot express how awesome I think you are. So you had better!! Log on!! And confirm you are not going to leave the forum because you feel like a burden (not true) or that you are going to do something ridiculous like throwing away your beautiful life, ok? I know things can be tough out there in the real world, but I’m here!! For !! You!! To!! Talk!! To!! :parking:lease don’t leave :((((


Kayro you’re not a burden. You’re a really amazing person,artist and writer and friend . People would be lucky to have you around, and I’m sure no one feels that’s you’re a burden.
You better not have left because that’s a serious loss for everyone here and we’d all miss you a lot


Okay I am going to use this topic again as it’s so amazing and positive which is awesome!

@Jojo, your amazing. From being loyal to smart to caring, whenever I have a problem or I am sad, I know who to come to! Your an amazing friend, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

@StarryDream, me Senpai (if we still use that lol). You have amazing talents, and you have inspired me to try new stuff, like drawing, as exploring can’t hurt you! Thank you for being the bold, awesome girl you are, because I admire you for that!

I will do more later, but I owe these two a lot! Thank you guys, I am so grateful to have you awesome people as friends!


@666 / @A_Metalhead - you’re awesome. And I’m not just saying that. I know you sometimes get slightly ignored because you’re the mediator between us and Fearless, but you’re truly amazing. It shows when you post (and in the way you smell). I know life can get tough sometimes (a lot of times), you don’t have to tell me that. It’s in the hard times that you find your true friends, the ones that will always be there. I know we don’t know each other that well, but you know if you ever need me, I’m here. We might disagree on some stuff, but I’ll always be ready to listen. I’m just a tag away when you need me. Keep being awesome like you already are.


Wait how do you know how he smells


She doesn’t lol.
Joke I guess? Idk.

But seriously tho, tysm Sophia :))
heh slightly is an understatement